June 20, 2014 | Updated: October 26, 2018


PORCELANOSA Group Projects: DM house in Belgium

The exclusive designs of PORCELANOSA Group can be perceived in this house located in Belgium. A play of volumes, materials and perspectives of each of its spaces create a unique experience for the inhabitant.

The large windows and lack of doors are features of open architecture, which is characterised for its prevailing bright spaces with light colour materials that amplify the house’s dimensions.

The kitchen is connected to the outside space with a roofed terrace, which is home to a hot tub and chimney. The home also has a courtyard in the office area and a lounge which is united with a walled lake, thereby bringing the space closer to nature. The house also has an audiovisuals room, entertainment area, Turkish baths, pool house and a garage for four cars.

The porcelain coverings by Venis give the outdoor area an elegant touch, thanks to the timeless appearance of the upright K2 model. The outdoor area was connected to the other by means of an anti-slip porcelain model which was used to cover the inside of the pool and the main terrace.

This house is located in the lush woody landscape, typical of Belgium. The whiteness of the outdoor tiles makes the building stand out and contrast with the dark wood of its surroundings. The selection of porcelain coverings and floorings by Venis was an excellent option, thanks to its high-resistance and easy-cleaning, in a forest area location like this project.

The result is an authentic home with modern architecture located in the middles of the woods. The space unites modernity and spaciousness, with design materials by PORCELANOSA Group, which meet the most demanding needs.


Photos: Cafeine and Koen Van Damme

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