6 April 2021


The historic Williamstone Farm Steadings complex adapts to the 21st century with Porcelanosa

Built in 1800 as an agricultural retreat, this property in the Scottish countryside consists of three houses, and has adapted its original structure to modern times with materials from the ceramics firm.

Designed as a family home with three independent barns, Williamstone Farm Steadings (North Berwick, Scotland) perfectly represents the 19th century's architecture which shaped the British countryside by combining native materials (slate, clay or wood) with those brought by the Industrial Revolution (iron, glass, concrete and steel) through horizontal structures and opposing planes.

Un estilo arquitectónico que sigue presente en las tres viviendas de este complejo (The Barn, The Bothy y The Byre) y que se ha actualizado tras la intervención del estudio de arquitectura LBA con las colecciones Premium de PORCELANOSA Group.

Design that reclaims historic heritage

To preserve the site's historic heritage, the architects have merged the original elements of the construction with eclectic décor that leaves its stone structure or pipes exposed. This is true in the living rooms or bedrooms, where PAR-KER ceramic parquet® from Porcelanosa is married with exposed brick walls, hardwood high tables, industrial style lamps or wicker chairs.

The blend of natural stone, concrete and wood imitation ceramic tiles (Marmol Carrara Blanco, Dover Acero and Madagascar Natural) that defines a large part of the rooms allows each room to be aligned with nature without disrupting it.

Architecture: LBA

Photo: Jane Barlow of Douglas Gibb Photography

Contractor: XTO BE ADDEDX

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