October 27, 2020 | Updated: March 8, 2022


PORCELANOSA Group Projects: A house in Mallorca with classical and Mediterranean accents

Designed in white and brown hues, this spacious property blends traditional architecture typical of the island with eclectic décor centred around natural materials and PORCELANOSA collections.


This spacious family home in Mallorca (Spain) is an outstanding example of new Mediterranean style, thanks to the combination of decorative elements and use of natural light. These two concepts are key to each room, where white and beige hues, light textiles, jute rugs, ceramic lamps and decorative plants predominate.

Concrete and wood in harmony

Refurbished by interior designer Pia Capdevila, traditional Mallorcan architecture can be seen throughout the 150 m2 house in its stone walls and hardwood structures. Some of PORCELANOSA’s most natural collections have been used to achieve this fusion of styles, unifying the various rooms under a common design and ensuring a flow between the zones.

This can be seen in the island style kitchen. Open to the living room with a white symmetrical frame, each of the elements in the space are interconnected by Harlem Caliza flooring by Porcelanosa, used in all rooms throughout the home. Inspired by the texture and colour palette of concrete, this collection is characterised by its high resistance to extreme temperatures, blows and regular traffic.

To balance the restrained grey tone of these tiles, the kitchen and the staircase connecting the ground and first floors have been accented with decorative Deco Harlem Caliza hydraulic tiles. The geometric motifs echo the Art Deco ceramic tiles typical of architecture and design in the early twentieth century.

Interior design: Pia Capdevila

Photo: Jordi Canosa

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