August 28, 2020 | Updated: January 14, 2022


PORCELANOSA Group Projects: Casa Hervás, a double-volume overlapping property

Designed by the Antonio Altarriba Comes studio, the minimalist style of this residence is integrated into the natural landscape with the Premium collections of PORCELANOSA Group.


In the town of Godella, 10 kilometres from Valencia (Spain), stands this 496.22-square metre single-family home. With the structure of two overlapping volumes, the Antonio Altarriba Comes architectural studio wanted to integrate these two white concrete boxes with the natural landscape of the surrounding environment, and to do this, it has used the Premium collections of PORCELANOSA Group.

With a minimalist style based on pure forms and geometric lines, the two rectangles that shape the daytime area (lower box) and the nighttime area (upper box) are brought together under the same aesthetic line with white and brown as the main colours. A combination that reflects this union between humans and the environment through open-plan rooms that connect with the exterior and give way to the natural light of the Mediterranean.


A bidirectional home

Casa Hervás combines white concrete (formed abstractly so that from a certain distance it looks like plaster) with the stony finish flooring Berne Hielo Grey by Porcelanosa. This design extends the ground floor to the interior of the swimming pool and evens it out with the height of the living room thanks to the collection Bottega Caliza (tiles for the swimming pool).

That connection between interior and exterior occurs thanks to the visual continuity offered by this type of floor tile, which, in addition to being highly resistant to extreme temperatures, impacts and wear due to heavy use it also has a smooth surface. Something that is also a feature of the main staircase, the overhanging parts of which were designed with HIGH-KER pieces that have been cut to size for the project.

A kitchen-living room designed with fine materials

Located in the daytime area, the Themotions E9.30kitchen from Gamadecor in jet black opens into the main living room thanks to its hardwood structures.The area with panels, which are backlit and placed vertically, house the extractor hood, as well as different compartments for kitchen utensils and food. In addition, by integrating the sink into the worktop and having a high unit area, the table extends beyond the work area and allows for greater storage.

Monolithic bathrooms 

Like a natural shelter, the bathrooms follow a monolithic structure thanks to the collection Berna Grey (HIGHKER), which covers the walls of this room, and combines with the natural parquet so users can devote themselves to the care of their body and mind.

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