December 1, 2020


PORCELANOSA Group Projects: Bordeaux airport updates its facilities with Porcelanosa collections

The aircraft facility is stepping up its health and safety measures using ultra sterile pieces by Urbatek, Krion and Butech.


Airports have maximised their inspection and cleaning protocols to guarantee the utmost safety inside and outside their facilities. Signage indicating 1.5 metres physical distancing, compulsory face mask wearing, disinfecting boarding areas, using protective screens, and individual baggage collection are some of the measures authorities have put in place so people can fly safely.

The development and application of these new standards have prompted the need for refurbishments, with social distancing and hygiene and key priorities. This has been the case at Bordeaux airport where the new bathrooms have been designed using PORCELANOSA Group collections to comply with Covid-19 health and safety regulations.

Broader and more hygienic bathrooms

To ensure passengers are kept safe, bathrooms in the airport have been fitted with Deep Light Grey Antislip flooring by Urbatek, with a grainy surface with greyish contrasts, reminiscent of the texture and colour of natural stone. This collection is finished off with Pro skirting silver skirting boardsby Butech, with a metallic finish that conceals the perimeter joint of the flooring and protects the wall from blows and moisture.

Thanks to being easy to clean and impermeable, Deep Light Grey porcelain tiles make the bathroom area safer: the tiles are non-slip, can withstand moisture and extreme temperatures, and are stain resistant.

These are qualities it shares with Krion® mineral compact, used to clad the walls and countertops, in 0102 Clear Nature. The non-porous, joint-free solid surface benefits from an antibacterial and impact resistant composition. As they are pure white, hygienic and sustainable (ecocycle® stamp), Krion® surfaces can be used to design infinite spaces that make bathrooms brighter, with metallic skirting boards. These can be used to redirect the light in a balanced way, making each area easy to use.

Photo: Jéremie Petit | SA ADBM. 

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