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PORCELANOSA Group Projects: Aquatio Cave Luxury Hotel & SPA, a luxury cave in which to be pampered in Matera

Sculpted in the Sasso Caveoso district by the architect Simone Micheli, this luxurious hotel has incorporated the PORCELANOSA Group Premium collections to lend a greater sense of nature to each area.


Designed as a natural wellness retreat, the Aquatio Cave Luxury Hotel & SPA is located within the caves of Sasso Caveoso, one of the historic districts in Matera (Italy).

Nicknamed the "City of Stone", it is nestled among ancient caves excavated from the limestone, and in them can be found houses and this hotel, the restoration of which was carried out by the prestigious Italian architect Simone Micheli.

With 5000 m2 and 35 luxury rooms and suites, this exclusive hotel, which is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, has a Mediterranean restaurant, a lobby bar & lounge area, a 500-m2 spa with natural pools dating back to the 9th century and a heated indoor swimming pool.


Under the concept of "creating emotions", this five-star accommodation has recovered its original form and architectural harmony, making the most of its natural resources to fuse them with the Premium collections from PORCELANOSA Group.

This flexibility has enhanced the neolithic remains of the cave and opened up the common areas with large, fluid furniture and a soft light that runs through each of the areas.

A warm welcome with Krion®

The reception of this underground hotel combines natural rock with floating furniture and the Micheli counter, made with the compact mineral Krion® EAST 1100. Due to its zero porosity, the absence of visible joints, its easy cleaning and easy maintenance, the mineral composition offers greater resistance to impact, allowing it to remain intact for longer.

This material, with its pure white, hygienic properties, heat resistance and aseptic nature, ensures easy cleaning and hygiene in large spaces.

Premium rooms to get away from it all

The rooms in this hotel stand out for their size and for their minimalist decoration, where the natural stone has a dual function: Construction and Decoration. The minimalist beds with lightweight textiles, Simone Micheli's futuristic mirrors and Krion® EAST 1100 desks form part of the simple interior design that defines this hotel.

The bathrooms offer a continuation of that idea of "less is more" with the recessed basins from Noken, which break away from that idea of restricted space through white structures that emerge out of the rock itself.

A wellness centre designed for personal well-being

To further show off the original cave, the seats and lockers in the changing rooms have incorporated Krion® to enhance the light and increase safety in this space. Krion® enhances the natural shine of the stone and increases the cleanliness of this area thanks to its pure white, imperceptible joints, zero porosity and hygienic properties.

A luxury spa to take care of the body and mind.

Photo: Jürgen Eheim

Management: Greenblu

Project developer: Architect Cosimo dell’Acqua and Architect Simone Micheli Interior design and lighting design: Architect Simone Micheli

Visual Design: Roberta Colla Micheli

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