February 4 2021


G&K studio designs this luxurious property centre in China with Porcelanosa

Property company Liaoning Yango Peace 101 opts for nature-inspired spaces using Premium PORCELANOSA collections for its premises.

Featuring minimalist lines and neutral decor with immersive forms, the luxury property offices designed by studio G&K Architecture Design Consultancy Limited with Sanlei Interior Design and designers Miller Mi, Tian Huaping and Li Mingyue include Premium ceramic collections by Porcelanosa.



With bright spaces inspired by marble and natural stone, this building in Shenyang (China) blends the company's corporate identity with welcoming, relaxed interior room schemes. The connection between the two is achieved through the use of course and smooth textures, and relief cladding such as Natural Contour by PORCELANOSA, used in the lobby. The collection lends a lightness to the building's entrance, creating the effect of waves in movement and turning the wall into an artistic mural.

Open-plan spaces that create a dialogue with the urban environment

G&K studio's goal was to create a welcoming building that could create a dialogue with the urban and natural environment. Working towards this aim, they opted for limitless spaces in grey and white hues, with the Contour Natural and White collection taking on the leading role in the main rooms."The play of light and shade on these surfaces helps us make an impact on potential clients. The texture of natural stoneand the continuity of the design are exactly what we were looking for", says a G&K representative.

Founded in 2004 by Grace Kwai, G&K now has a team of more than 150 interior architects and designers from several European countries and cultures, offering a comprehensive service grounded in innovation and cutting-edge design.

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Photo: ART Studio Li Qiang. 

Architecture: G&K studio

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