13 October 2020 | Updated: January 13, 2022


PORCELANOSA Group Projects: A bright, harmonious home in the heart of Valencia

Designed by studio Binomio Arquitectura studio, the white flat uses PORCELANOSA Group's most minimalist collections to enhance the natural light in each room.


Just a few metres from Valencia Town Hall and Plaza de la Reina, the minimalist flat opens up to the city and features PORCELANOSA Group collections. Designed by studio Binomio Arquitectura, the standout feature of the property is its stunning brightness, with all rooms open to the exterior and united under a common aesthetic based on white and wood.

Minimalist, hard-wearing design 

With symmetry and harmony as central concepts, the open-plan design of each room extends the original limits of the space, enhanced with hard-wearing and timeless materials. This can be seen in the cement inspired Newport tiles by Porcelanosa, which unify the property's different zones and create a sense of infinite space thanks to their soft character and imperceptible joints.

Used as flooring throughout the flat, the range works beautifully with plants, light cotton and linen textiles and natural wood furnishings.

A welcoming, classical bathroom 

The city of Valencia's characteristic Mediterranean climate is ushered into the bathroom with Minnesota Honey ceramic wood by Porcelanosa and Noken bathroom fixtures and fittings.

The ceramic wood features in the area housing the washbasin - from the Noken Architect collection - where Colorstuk Especial Honey from Butech was used in the installation of the tiles.

The pure white that shapes the Architect washbasin is highlighted further by means of LED lights surrounding the mirror and the Round taps, in black, lending further elegance and exclusivity to the overall look.

See it in Projects Porcelanosa.

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