May 15, 2018 | Updated: December 11, 2019


Porcelanosa creates ISA, the virtual assistant which will guide users around the central showroom

By using a bracelet, the visitors will be able to register their preferences depending on the materials they are interested in.

The objective is to simplify the user’s experience with some extensive information about the different products

The world of interior design and architecture finds itself in a constant technological revolution. The different devices and digital media have made it possible to make progress in production and consumption dynamics. Hence, the fact that the PORCELANOSA Group has renewed its showroom concept, as well as the exhibitors and the itineraries.

We are dealing with a change which becomes a reality with ISA (Intelligent Surface Assistant), the new virtual assistance by PORCELANOSA which guides the user around the exhibition and registers their preferences as far as materials and combinations are concerned. Presented at the 25th Global Architecture and Interior Design international Exhibition, organised by the PORCELANOSA Group, this tool lets the user add their different tastes to the bracelet that they will be provided with at the beginning of their visit. The user will check with the detailed information on the different pieces, just by pressing the totem which is next to the material.

A new concept of exhibition which adapts to the different structures and also creates a unique user experience.

Live the ISA experience

The exhibition is divided into three spaces of a Social Club, where all the latest designs from the firm are showcased: The Meeting Point, the Business Club and the Private Lounge. Next to them one can find the Par-Ker area, which lets us get to know all the ceramic parquet collections and the new Delaware and Forest series.

From the very beginning, the visitor will see a custom-made technological world. The first stop includes a large-sized transparent screen where the user will watch an introduction about ISA (Intelligent Surface Assistant), as well as a series of interviews with well-known people related to architecture, hotel industry or design. Among others, it is worth highlighting Julio Touza and Quique Dacosta.

Two more transparent screens will show inspirational content about the main collections by Porcelanosa, such as Ston-ker, Par-ker or White & Colors. Creative fineness at the visitor’s disposal.

After finishing this tour around the showroom, the user can go to the ceramic storage area, which is located on the lower floor. In this workspace, the user will find the latest designs showcased in the showroom and the complete catalogue by Porcelanosa. It is here where ISA will have the whole selection of materials ready for the user which, they will be able to work with by using a touchscreen.

The trays where the models are placed on are lit in order to make their location easier, and also a big screen shows different atmosphere combinations depending on the sample choice.

Lastly, ISA sends the visitor an email containing a customised complete catalogue with their tastes. Here it is, the world of PORCELANOSA through a single click.

CuldeSac, the creative and strategic consultancy, has been overseeing the designing the new concept of showroom. According to Alberto Martínez, the Founder & Creative Director in CuldeSac™, this tool enhances: “a vision of the future in this sector done by Porcelanosa and it also goes beyond the limits in order to innovate. Together, we have achieved the balance between reason and emotion. A real luxury”.

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