December 3, 2018 | Updated: December 4, 2018


The 11th Porcelanosa Awards: dream landscapes with the KRION™ Solid Surface

The BIM Manager master’s student, Maria Cristina Agnello, has created a system of vaulted pavilions for the PORCELANOSA Group’s central showroom in Vila-Real.

##413####414## Solid Surface mineral compact, is a finalist in the Forward-Looking Projects category: Students.

As if it was a combination of identities, Maria Cristina Agello’s design for the PORCELANOSA Group‘s central showroom in Vila-Real, combines elements from a dream world, together with other ones from the real world. Sleepless contemporary design.

The vaulted system which is in every single atmosphere with the KRIONTM Solid Surface mineral compact (PORCELANOSA Group), has made this project a finalist in the Forward-Looking category: Students at the 11th Architecture and Interior Design Porcelanosa Awards.

Its curved structure, inspired by the Metamorfosis work by M.C. Escher, offers the main collections and materials from the Grupo’s eight firms in its inside. The objective is to have visitors seeing and touching the textures which make up the Group’s identity through that dichotomy between fiction and reality. The sleep of reason is achieved with the KrionTM Solid Surface.

New shapes with KRIONTM

The versatility and brightness of the KRIONTM Solid Surface appealed to the student who, shaped that architectural avant-garde design with a flat backlit tile surface. We are dealing with a structure which becomes distorted as the light and shade are extended with the visitor’s steps. That rotating movement effect was achieved through 42 hollow pieces which made their installation easier, as well as creating a 3D tile space.

Starwood paths

The path which goes along the whole showroom, makes it possible to step into reality with the Nairobi Honey floor tile from Starwood.  This is a warm material inspired by natural wood and, one which provides the space with a warm touch thanks to its fine knots and finish.

A tour through the consciousness and unconsciousness by means of the different textures and colours of the materials from the PORCELANOSA Group.

For the 12th Porcelanosa Awards, registration is now open. All entries must be submitted before March 31st, 2019. New ways for design.

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