November 6, 2019


The 12th Porcelanosa Awards: A house which looks diagonally towards Ubrique

The architect, Carlos Quevedo, reaches the final of this edition in the category of Best Design of the Year with a single-family home which follows the orography of Cádiz and its natural contrasts.

This project combines steel and concrete structures with sets of unlimited volumes and surfaces which bring both the interior and exterior together.

The architect, Carlos Quevedo, from the Carquero Arquitectura studio has reached the final at the 12th Porcelanosa Awards in the category of ‘Best Design of the Year’ with a house built in Ubrique. Maintaining the architectural order, which is present in the white villages of Andalusia, this single-family home preserves that immaculate white which is typical of the first buildings in the region. It conveys a more modern touch with volumes which are different from each other, along with a mixed structure of steel and concrete. “Taking advantage of local resources, the traditional housing programme in Ubrique is interpreted and adapted by creating a hallway that brings the interior and the exterior together which also reverses the functional programme while seeking the best position of the living area”, the architect himself explains.

We are dealing with a house with “a diagonal look”, as defined by its creator, that is somehow connected to the Sierra del Caíllo and the Valle del Aljibe through materials from PORCELANOSA Group and the renewable energies that make this house work.


The relationship between the countryside and the city is portrayed in the Marmi China wall tiles from Porcelanosa, the Irish Blanco from Venis and the Starwood Minnesota Ash collection from Venis, which is the overall flooring in the house. By bringing these two series together, we can see that respect for urbanism that is typical of the area, which is brought to life with the white wall tiles and the Minnesota Ash ceramic wood in its anti-slip version.

The dynamism of this project, while being uniform regarding its rooms, is a direct result of making use of the Epotech Nature Ash and Colorstuk Especial adhesive materials from Butech, which allow sealing between joints.

Natural Andalusia.

Pictures: Carlos Koblischek & Carquero Arquitectura

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