September 18, 2019


The 12th PORCELANOSA Awards Finalists: Cafebrería L’Illa; forget about the noise outside through a good book and a nice cup of coffee.

The student, Marisol Veny Mata, from the l’Escola d’Art i Superior de les Illes Baleares has reached the final in the category of Forward-Looking Design – Students, thanks to this cultural project.

Thought up to be a space for reading and discussion, the organic shapes of this establishment bring all the areas together in a single structure.

The student, Marisol Veny, from l’Escola d’Art i Superior de les Illes Balears has designed a library-cafeteria with different materials from PORCELANOSA Group. Known as Cafebrería L’Illa, this project has become a finalist at the 12th Porcelanosa Awards in the Design-Students category.

Finalista Premios Porcelanosa diseño futuro estudiantes Marisol Veny

We are dealing with a cultural space with areas for reading, a cafeteria, meetings and events; in which everyone is encouraged to forget about the noise outside through the spoken and written word. “It is like an urban oasis which encourages everyone to get away from it all and forget about daily stress through a chat and a nice cup of coffee as an antidote”, explains Veny.


An organic reading of the design

Through open organic structures, the different areas of this space remain connected to each other with light and resistant materials like the KrionTMcompact mineral, whose thermocurving ability allows undulating shapes to be created which are interlinked with each other. This is the case of the columns, whose huge shafts have been manufactured with the backlit KrionTM Extreme Light 4102.


One of the other series used in this project has been the KrionTM Carrara Soft L101, which gives shape to both the marble flooring and the upper parts of the ceiling. The pure white which this material offers, enhances the brightness and the spaciousness of the space itself. “In Cafebrería L’Illa, geometric shapes are set aside to provide the rooms with a greater flow through resistant and functional materials. The natural light provided by this establishment has been made possible thanks to the arrangement and distribution of the main areas”, describes the project designer.


In order to increase the warmth of the establishment and encourage reading, the Mini Eden 1L Natural natural wood Mini Eden 1L Natural collection from L’Antic Colonial has been used, whose pieces are interspersed with some by KrionTM.

The harmony of the spaces and that minimal touch can be also found in the bathrooms, through the Vitae collection from Noken, designed by the architect, Zaha Hadid. Its free-flowing and sinuous shapes reproduce water movement which give this area greater dynamism.

In praise of the word.


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