November 15, 2022


Natural décor with Astana Grey: porcelain at its most exquisite

With its sober yet elegant personality, the large format XTONE® collection elevates various rooms in the home

Glamour is set to be a key trend in home interiors for 2023, expressed through finishes and textures that evoke style and distinction. The brown colour palette and veins of Astana Grey create serene spaces, transmitting the purest essence of autumn.

A design that goes deep

Astana Grey is shaping up to be one of the most acclaimed designs of the season. Featuring a palette of soft greys and striking veins in shades of brown, the porcelain tile series lends character and personality to spaces such as: bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms or kitchens. And thanks to the thickness of the material, it can also be used for worktops (160 cm x 320 cm x 1.2 cm), or as floor or wall tiles (150 cm x 300 cm x 0.6 cm). With premium architectural value, Astana Grey creates room schemes that extol the beauty of all things natural.

Complete the look with scented candles, velvety textiles, throws, decorative accents in browns and oranges, and vases of organic ornaments or flowers. The result is a natural and refined interior décor scheme, perfect for the coldest months of the year.

Collections that work well together

Balance. The key to successful interior design. Introduce a blend of colours that provide contrast, yet complement and balance the scheme as a whole. Astana Grey tiles work well alongside other series by XTONE®, creating the much-coveted natural look. Ewood Honey is one such option, boasting a natural aesthetic inspired by the horse chestnut trees of the Balkans. The luminous veins of Calacatta Gold, flecked with gold, create exquisitely elegant spaces when combined with Astana Grey. Meanwhile, the beige hues of Montreal White lend spaces a pure and contemporary aesthetic, taking beauty to the highest heights.

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