November 28, 2018 | Updated: November 29, 2018


PopApp, a compact and functional space designed by KRION™

IFI R&D banks on the versatility of the Porcelanosa Solid Surface in this project

A work space made with K-LIFE that has antibacterial properties for the production and sale of hand-made ice cream.

PopApp is a small-sized stand that integrates everything that is necessary to produce, preserve, showcase and sell hand-made ice cream in a minimum space.

IFI R&D, a benchmark in the design of technology and furniture for premises in the food industry, is responsible for this innovative creation. PopApp can be installed in any public space, whether it be in a shop, a hotel, a restaurant or a commercial area. This design offers an experience which is closer to the user, allowing the whole ice-cream manufacturing process to be seen up close, which brings down the barriers between manufacturers and customers.

The taste of design

KRIONTM Solid Surface Snow Withe 1100 EAST (KRIONTM K · LIFE) shapes the structural surfaces of this project. This version has the EAST photocatalytic technology which provides the material with multiple properties such as: air purifier, antibacterial, elimination of chemicals and easy cleaning. New features that make KRIONTM K-LIFE the ideal material for working with food.

KRIONTM is also thermo adaptable, therefore, curves and figures of fine and smooth finishes can be generated. The result is a piece that not only looks monolithic and elegant, but minimalist and cutting-edge as well.

Spaces reduced to the minimum size

PopApp is assembled in 5.14 square metres. This is a showcase for the latest technology consisting of: professional machinery for ice cream manufacturing, a self-sustaining sink system, a cold chamber for the ingredients and storage units.

Each element has been designed and arranged according to ergonomic criteria in order to optimise the interaction between professionals and their work space. This station in miniature is compact. It only occupies 3.5 square metres and thus facilitates both its transport and assembly.

The ingenuity and work by the IFI R&D team has received international recognition by way of the Compasso d’Oro ADI 2018 award. Original ideas combined with innovative materials like KRIONTMK-LIFE, at the service of society.

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