August 30, 2018 | Updated: December 11, 2019


Politech Premium by Butech: Maximum adherence for wall tiles and floor tiles

This easy to handle resin adhesive presents high resistance and gripping strength.

This is a solution which has been thought up to place pieces like Airslate by L´Antic Colonial.

Politech Premium by Butech is an adhesive made up of resins for wall tiles and building supports.

Its high manageability and easy use have turned it into the perfect material for fixing pieces which require maximum gripping strength.

A light composition with easy handling

The adhesive by Butech presents a light composition comparable to a low viscosity cement base. This characteristic makes both its placing and handling easier, thanks to its high work time, which is more than 45 minutes.Politech Premium offers the grip benefits and features, which are flexibility and resistance in an adhesive made up of reactive resins with a two-component epoxy base. An essential element for the radiant floor heating system, and the street furniture.

An intelligent solution for outdoors and high traffic areas

The high adherence strength of Politech Premium has made it become the perfect adhesive for high traffic wall tiles and floor tiles, ceramic facades and public areas.

Its use is especially recommendable in bathrooms and outdoor areas, due to its near zero water absorption, high wetting capacity and its frost resistance. Public toilets, swimming pools and facilities with saunas or spas, all find in Politech Premium the strongest adhesive with the quality of the PORCELANOSA Group.

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