April 29, 2024


Porcelanosa Masaryk blooms for Polanco in flowers

An explosion of life and floral creativity embellishes Porcelanosa’s façade during the Polanco in Flowers 2024 event

The vibrant Polanco in Flowers festival transformed Masaryk Avenue into a stage of natural beauty for four days. This year, Porcelanosa joined the celebration with a unique proposal that went beyond aesthetics, turning its showroom into a refuge for animal life and a call for coexistence between all living beings.

Every year, the Flowers and Garden Festival transforms the main commercial avenue of the Mexican capital into a spectacle of colour and life that attracts thousands of visitors. In its fifth edition, from 25 to 28 April, Polanco in Flowers transcended the mere floral exhibition, becoming a reminder of the importance of caring for and appreciating life in all its forms. Porcelanosa joined this initiative with a unique proposal to raise awareness about the balanced coexistence between all living beings.

The refuge of the astonishing creatures

Under the name “The refuge of the astonishing creatures“, Porcelanosa transformed its shop located in Presidente Masaryk into an oasis for life. The colourful and large flowers that adorned its façade, handmade with L’Antic Colonial’s Skins wallpaper collections, added a unique touch of beauty and creativity.

This ephemeral garden subtly embraced the habitat of a fantastic animal. A reminder that we are part of an interconnected whole and that our harmonious coexistence is essential for the balance and health of our planet.

Floral workshops

During the celebration, Porcelanosa Masaryk opened its doors to hundreds of visitors interested in discovering the latest novelties from the business group and participating in the ‘Blooming Tiles‘ workshop. Attendees had the opportunity to design their own personalised floral piece on PORCELANOSA ceramics, in an environment which inspired beauty, nature and creativity.

By converting its showroom into ‘The refuge of the astonishing creatures’, Porcelanosa Grupo has created an aesthetically stunning space, while raising awareness of the importance of caring for and respecting all forms of life. In a world where nature and creativity converge, Porcelanosa Group continues to promote a greener and more balanced future.

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