July 17, 2020


PORCELANOSA Group Projects: Vivienda PM, a house that seamlessly combines traditional and minimalist styles

This residence in the L’Horta Nord region of Valencia features exceptionally stunning materials from the PORCELANOSA Group to create an eye-catching and exclusive design that reflects its surroundings.

The single-family home Vivienda PM can be found in Meliana, a town known for its vegetables and tiger nuts that is less than 10 kilometres from the city of Valencia. A house with open rooms defined by fine materials, handcrafted aesthetics and indirect lighting at key areas.

This fusion of traditional and contemporary design is the work of the firm SMBarquitectura, alongside the custom interior design of Nonna design projects.

Materiality that unites the interior and exterior

The large windows that invite in natural light and its characteristic U-shape were the resources employed by the architecture firm to build a multi-purpose, dynamic and functional space.

As a reflection of its agricultural past, the design incorporates a series of distinguishing touches in which traditional architecture mixes with contemporary architecture. Firstly, the traditional wood beams and mosaics from the region are kept intact, while the more modern details can be found in the straight, gentle lines of the furniture. It reminds the observer of the minimalist architecture of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe.

To achieve this mix & match style, the home’s tiles combine brick with the Marmi China XL Matte (45×120 cm) and Oxo Line XL (45×120 cm) models from The White Collection by Porcelanosa. Both materials create a harmonious, bright space that extends the interior of the house to the exterior courtyard, using the colour white as a unifying element.

A space with no limits

In line with the new social needs captured by the open-space plan, this typical village home has been updated with a minimalist style thanks to the standard Bottega Caliza (80×80 cm) model by Porcelanosa. This collection has been used for both the interior and exterior floor tiles to bring a cohesive and unified overall design to the home. Its aesthetic — inspired by the beige tones found in cement and sand — projects elegance and simplicity and enriches the architectural details that make this project unique.

Standard Bottega Salza (80×80 cm)



Project: Vivienda PM in Meliana

Architecture: SMBArquitectura

Photographer: Arturo Ferrer

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