May 4, 2022


How you can update your space with vinyl flooring

L'Antic Colonial by PORCELANOSA offers a wide range of vinyl materials (Linkfloor) that simulate the texture of wood or stone.

It is absolutely possible to improve the interior design of your home or office without endless work that fills your halls with dust and rubble. Nor it is necessary to completely change your décor.

Fitting new floor tiles that unite the main rooms with the same design, painting the walls with neutral and light tones or switching up the furniture in your space can create the image of a complete refurbishment quickly and easily, and without any structural intervention. Two objectives that are achieved with the Linkfloor vinyl flooring by L'Antic Colonial, whose use in homes and large commercial spaces is increasing as a result, are resistance and rapid installation. Below, we will explain how you can breathe new life into your interiors with this material.

What is vinyl flooring?

Vinyl flooring is a type of floor tile formed by a polymer core combined with polyvinyl chloride (PVC), stone or wood. Wood and plastic compounds are known as WPC and stone and plastic compounds as SPC. In addition, the vinyl floor layer is made of transparent PVC, which increases its resistance to abrasion, scratches, stains and bacteria.

What are the advantages of Linkfloor when compared to other materials?

Unlike other flooring types, Linkfloor has a variety of organic styles and designs. It is also more resistant to wear, cracks, stains and damp (it is waterproof), because its structure absorbs the impact of products without causing any damage to the floor.

Easy to install (as its plates and slats are assembled using a click system), Linkfloor does not require any joints, which makes it easier to clean and maintain.

How do you install Linkfloor?

Depending on the type of vinyl or the way it will be laid (verdigris, rectangular or herringbone), pieces can be laid in the following way:

  • Lock: Easy installation system that eliminates the slits and strengthens the connection.
  • Drop Lock: This method consists of adjusting the slats which are to be installed so that they are perpendicular to those already installed, and using a rubber hammer to lock them into place. To uninstall, follow the same process.
  • Adhesive: Including adhesive in each piece to be installed.
  • Loose Lay: The slats or tiles are placed on the floor using pressure and adhesive tape to correctly lay each row.

Unique bathrooms with vinyl flooring

If you're looking for a bathroom that radiates warmth, choosing a vinyl floor such as Realm Persia or Rome (by L'Antic Colonial) will allow you to boost the brightness and feeling of space thanks to its realistic texture and herringbone pattern.

This way, the floor becomes a nuanced decorative element which aims to reproduce the softness and colour of ash. To complement this design, try painting the walls in white, beige or blue, placing wicker baskets on the floor or a plant off to the side. This will increase the vitality of your space and add some natural touches.

Contemporary, functional kitchens

The most important thing in a kitchen is order and cleanliness. This is especially true in smaller homes where every square metre counts. Therefore, it is important to include extendable furniture with good storage space, shelves that facilitate the effortless organisation of ingredients and utensils, as well as infinite worktops on which to cook up a storm or which can be used for informal dinners. This versatility is provided by Branch, Multiformat or Feudal wood-inspired vinyl floors, whose subtle elevation lightens the kitchen, offering greater security, as well as a welcoming and modern vibe.

New generation offices with vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring is one of the most-used flooring types in offices due to its durability and easy cleaning when compared to other materials. Designed for use in large areas with high levels of footfall, collections such as Contract, Clinker or Terra by L'Antic Colonial (with graphics based on textile or stone) highlight the character of a space and improve the aesthetic. These collections also increase worker well-being by improving conditions as they are non-slip, hygienic, moisture resistant (they are resistant to water) and insulating.

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