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Pietra Blue by Porcelanosa: Belgian stone made flooring and ceramic wall tile

Belgian stone is a natural material with countless possibilities for interior design. We are dealing with a bluish stone of high elegance, whose main feature is that it contains fossil sediments that are extracted from a depth of 200 metres. Because of its uniqueness and beautiful stony finish, this material has been now become a ‘must have’ in architecture. Always in line with the latest trends, the PORCELANOSA Group presents Pietra Blue, a new series of flooring and ceramic wall tiles which is inspired by Belgian stone.

The Pietra Blue series by Porcelanosa goes further; it focuses on the Belgian natural stone by extracting the rough side of the stone, treating it in order to make it age. The result is a very authentic and vintage-styled finish, which is ideal for decorating any room and beautifying any interior design.

Pietra Blue: the collection

The PORCELANOSA Group presents this collection both with the STON-KER ceramic stone as flooring, and the white-body-wall tile in a 45x120cm format. The collection is completed with three different colours for the flooring: Silver, Grafito and Stone. Whereas Grafito is the darkest finish, Silver presents a bluish grey with medium shading, and one can find the lightest finish version in Stone. It is a sophisticated timeless rectified porcelain tile, which perfectly meets any decorative style, mainly the most industrial and urban ones.

With regard to the Pietra Blue ceramic wall tiles, there are only two colours: Silver and Stone. However, the series includes a decorated finish in both cases, a bush-hammered one which has been worked on, and coined as Pietra Blue Lineal.

Apart from the possibilities offered By Pietra Blue in terms of aesthetics, it is also worth highlighting the versatility and the wide range of properties of the porcelain tile for flooring. It is a highly-resistant material which remains unaffected over the years, therefore, it can be installed in high-demanding projects.

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    Me gustaría saber el precio del pavimiento STON-KER Pietra Blue Silver de 80x80cm y el revestimiento Pietra Blue Silver 45x120cm


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