October 8, 2019


Persa from Venis: another way of understanding slate

The company reproduces the original colour and texture of this metamorphic rock and it adds the technical properties of ceramic to it.

With some 20 different designs and various sizes which go from 100cm x 100cm to 45cm x 120cm, the pieces from this series are characterised by greater resistance and density than the natural material.

With the purest slate leading the way, the new Persa series from Venis reproduces the texture and the brightness of this natural stone with the technical properties of ceramic.

45 different designs

The pieces, designed with a 100cm x 100cm format for floor tiles and a 45m x 100cm for wall tiles, come with a relief and a composition which adapt to any type of project.
In total, this collection comes with 45 different graphics: 20 for floor tiles and 25 for wall tiles; its shapes are both simple and light.

With three colours leading the way, namely: Natural, Silver and Dark; there are different sizes available and one of the main attractions in this collection is West. This 45cm x 120cm decor stands out because of its wavy lines and its sober design which, simulate the movement of waves, evoking those oriental paradises from ancient Persepolis.

2 thoughts on “Persa from Venis: another way of understanding slate'

  1. Boa Tarde!
    Gostava que me dessem algumas sugestões de pavimentos para restauração, de grandes dimensões e em tons cinza.


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