December 13, 2023


Make like an interior designer and dress your table with Porcelanosa

Make like an interior designer and dress your table to impress your guests this festive season

It's the little details that make a difference. And all the more so on special occasions like Christmas. The coming weeks will be all about get-togethers and reunions, sharing unforgettable moments with family and friends around a table.

Together with interior designer Inma Soria from Coohuco Studio, we've dressed two Christmas tables in completely opposite styles. We'll also answer some questions about Christmas decorations, guaranteed to give you some fresh ideas.

Traditional Christmas table

When you think of the colours of Christmas, red and green always come to mind. At Porcelanosa, we've set our table with warm and welcoming materials, textures and hues. This Christmas table is a more modern take, but still has its Christmas spirit firmly intact. A Christmas stalwart, the colour combination we mentioned at the start takes on more subdued hues but is still the star of the show.

For this Christmas table, we opted for organic forms and materials, running through the tableware, earthenware and cutlery with hints of wood. For the textiles, we opted for different shades of linen, accompanied by Christmas candles and dried flowers. As for glassware, I go for pieces with subtle and discreet relief detailing.

Your Christmas table setting can have a real impact on the ambience. This time, we've tried to eschew straight and classic lines in favour of a more natural, living aesthetic. This successfully transmits warmth and closeness. This approach is all about taking a simpler approach to Christmas decorations.

Minimalist Christmas table

As an alternative to a more traditional table, we're proposing a Christmas table dressed to impress. First and foremost, we're breaking away from the traditional red and greens of the season, moving towards a more minimalist aesthetic. We opted for gold and brass. Combining warm tones with black or sand creates a stunning contrast.

In terms of textures, we're combining fine china with crystal, a material that exudes elegance. For a truly cosy Christmas table, finish it off with a centrepiece of mixed candles. You could go for pillar type candles or taller, thinner ones in candlesticks, adding details like dried cotton stems.

If your table has a decorative porcelain surface, it's time to show it off. Use placemats to do this. This can work with both types of Christmas table.

Q&A: the perfect Christmas decorations for your home

Interior designer Inma Soria gives us some tips on decorating your home and table this Christmas. These tips will help you plan yours.

Are there any trends we'll be seeing a lot of on tables this Christmas?

This year, we're seeing the trend move slightly away from the traditional, especially those characteristic greens and reds. Let's look at some more Christmas table settings in which the glassware takes centre stage.

Which will you go for this Christmas, gold or silver?

They're both great choices for Christmas decorations, but I would always go for gold, brass or bronze hues. They've got a certain charm, and are ideal for a festive look.

Should you add lights to your Christmas garland, or not?

A subtle touch on your Christmas wreath always adds that special something to your home. It doesn't need to be a string of fairy lights. Placing small and discreet lighting all around makes the space feel warmer.

What type of Christmas tree decorations are your must-haves?

I always go for lush and green Christmas trees. Plus, I always like to get the lighting right, as well as other details like little ribbons attached to the branches. Next, finish it off with your favourite Christmas tree decorations: baubles, stars, pine cones.... The aim is to match the colour and style of your accessories with other decorations.

She reveals the tips you need to dress your Christmas table like a true interior designer.

The key is to think carefully about your combination of colours and textures. Second, hone in on two main colours. We recommend combining them with neutral tones.
At the same time, you should think about an over-arching theme or centrepiece for your Christmas table. This makes it easier to know what you want to highlight. Taking your centrepiece as a starting point, discreetly arrange the other elements to complement the rest.

For example: if you've decided on a showy centrepiece, opt for more restrained tableware and tablecloths/napkins. On the contrary, if you want your tableware to stand out, opt for more subdued flowers and simple candles.

When decorating a Christmas table, there's one question all hosts will be wondering: tall or short candles?

And how about a combination of both? Christmas candles are perfect, exuding a lovely and warm ambience. But if you have to choose, I'd always say to go for taller candles. Candlesticks are an incredibly elegant choice and really pack a decorative punch.

A trick for a tidy and functional glass setting.

In a season as festive as Christmas, your glassware is going to be prominent. You should put them in front of each diner's plate, leaving sufficient space. Here are the positions for each, from left to right: first the water glasses, then your red wine glasses. Next, your white wine glasses, then champagne flutes.
When you've finished dessert and the after-dinner conversations start, take the opportunity to clear up the table. This is a good time to take away the wine glasses and keep the flutes out.

What's the ideal foliage to flowers ratio for your Christmas wreath?

If you're looking for balanced results, proportion is key. A good rule of thumb is to use 70% neutral foliage (non-flowering) as filler, like eucalyptus or Christmas tree cuttings. To finish your Christmas wreath, add around 30% flowering plants. Remember to keep all the shades balanced.

Easy and accessible tips anyone can try, for a top Christmas table?

First and foremost, you want to make sure your Christmas decorations tie in with your own tastes and needs. Here are some ideas to draw from, making your own interpretations to suit your style.

  • Less is more. This is a key point. But at Christmas, you can afford to be a bit more bold - without taking it too far.
  • Don't think about different parts of the home in isolation. Select the colours and textures you're looking for in your house this Christmas. Work them into different environments. The result? A harmonious and aesthetically appealing setting.
  • Christmas candles make a fine choice, giving you a wonderful play of light. They're ideal for your Christmas table and home, creating a warm and friendly feel. Work out the strong points, so you can put more of an emphasis on them and use them to pull your theme together.
  • Enjoy. This is a must. Create your own decoration and customise it to your taste. You could even adorn your Christmas candles with bows or bay leaves. You could even go the extra mile and make your own napkin holders.

As we've shown, all you need is a dash of ingenuity and good taste to make your home shine this Christmas. To do this, remember how important it is to get your colour and texture combinations right. Using warm lighting and candles - for your Christmas table and home - always makes for a cosier, more welcoming ambience.

For the decorations, we used a table with a Habana Dark natural stone surface by Altissima (XTONE®), paired with the Seven chair in a Roble Cobre finish by Gamadecor. And with collaboration from The Taller Valencia.

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