June 25, 2019 | Updated: 3 June 2021


PAR-KER: wood-inspired bathrooms with the PORCELANOSA seal

Thanks to its versatility and its technical features, the ceramic parquet from PORCELANOSA finds itself at the forefront of the Premium materials for bathrooms which have this aesthetic.    

Nobu, Oxford, Orleans and Forest are some of the PAR-KER collections which can be used as floor and wall tiles alike, even in the shower area.   

Wood is one of the most used finishes in bathroom decor. Its natural origin strengthens the warmth in this space, resulting in people enjoying a greater feeling of comfort. It is possible to bring this material to these rooms depending on its technical features, however, the best option for wood-effect bathrooms is ceramic. Thanks to the latest innovations in the sector, both the floorings and ceramic wall tiles inspired by wood share the same aesthetic possibilities as the natural product, which also includes its graining. We are dealing with a perfect imperfection which is joined to the resistance and durability of the ceramic, as well as its easy cleaning inalterability over the years.

PAR-KER: the perfect solution for bathrooms with wooden floors

Because of its versatility, format and colour range, the PAR-KER ceramic parquet turns out to be the perfect solution for bathrooms with floors inspired by natural wood. With PORCELANOSA’S quality seal, PAR-KER, which excellently adapts to wet areas, ensures safety in the bathroom thanks to its anti-slip properties.

An accurate reproduction of natural wood which is available in different formats and finishes through the Nobu, Oxford, Orleans and Forest series.  

Nobu Arce, the most natural finish for bathrooms

Nobu is one of the most symbolic series from PAR-KER. A large-format ceramic with standard and matt finishes, offering an aesthetic which is very similar to that of the natural material itself. As well as that, Nobu Arce is available in two formats: 19.3cm x 180cm and 29.4cm x 180cm; with a 12mm slat thickness.


Forest, elegance and sustainability

Forest is the most sustainable series from the PAR-KER ceramic parquet. Highly suitable for bathrooms which bank on tiles where natural wood is taken as the base. In addition to its elegance, Forest stands out because of portraying Porcelanosa’s commitment to ecology, since it has been manufactured using 95% recycled material. Whereas the Natural model offers a traditional finish, the Acero model has a more greyish tone. With regard to formats, Forest is available in 14.3 x 90cm and 22 x 90cm, with a 10.7mm thickness.


Orleans: the most intense version of wood

The versatility by PAR-KER is shown in the different formats and tones which make up the collections. Orleans Roble offers a more intense version of the traditional wood colour, with the 19.3cm x 120cm format and a 11mm thickness.


Oxford Antracita: dark grey which is nearly black

The PAR-KER Oxford Antracita stands out because of the elegance of its finish, which is darker than the rest of the ceramic parquet series. A solution with all the technical features from PAR-KER, in the 14.3cm x 90cm and 22cm x 90cm formats, and a 11mm thickness.


Wood-effect walls for the bathroom: the integral solution is PAR-KER

The PAR-KER collections from Porcelanosa are also the best choice when it comes to tiling the walls with wood-inspired tiles. The ceramic parquet from Porcelanosa not only can be installed in floorings, but it is also highly suitable for coverings, even in the shower area. Its resistance and durability is perfect in spaces where there is direct contact with water, allowing for an integral look with both jointless floor and wall tiles throughout the bathroom.

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