June 22, 2018

“Total White Soft”: PAR-KER, the purity of white for minimal spaces

Eternal softness

In order to achieve the dynamism in this decorative style, the floor tiles must be smooth and white. This is the key to them remaining unaffected over the years against natural hazards. These are two qualities that the models of this ceramic parquet by Porcelanosa have. Their textures and tones make it possible to achieve a harmonious structure in interior and exterior spaces alike, despite the latter ones being exposed to humidity or water. Specially in kitchens, bathrooms or terraces.  Hence, PAR-KER becomes a warm, resistant and long-lasting solution with regard to time.

All the models that make up this collection: Chester Blanco, Delaware Fresno, Manhattan Fresno, Oxford Blanco or Viena Fresno; are available in natural tones which can be combined with: blanco Britanoa Top, Chelsea Bone and Manhattan Natural.

The key points for a “Total White Soft” decorative look

  • To create a minimal contrast between the floor tile and the walls in white. A positive resolution to enhance the earthly uniformity and the constructive lightness.
  • In those kitchens with white worktops, tiling the walls with wood-effect ceramic provides the space with brightness.
  • The fact of including some furniture in greyish or brown tones gives depth. Mostly, in the atmospheres where white decorative elements are present.
  • Include warm-toned lamps and avoid bluish lights.


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