October 20, 2017 | Updated: December 14, 2018


PAR-KER, the ceramic parquet for the most demanding contract projects

 Contract projects have the challenge of enhancing the user’s experience to the max. Thus, it is crucial to carry out the perfect material selection in order to provide balance and comfort, while covering the functional and practical needs that a project of this kind entails.

Leisure and catering establishments, as well as shopping centres, demand flooring with higher resistance because of the constant traffic of people, and also an ant-slip system which ensures people’s safety. To do so, the application of the Par-ker ceramic parquet is ideal, a traditional material with future technology, which, through nanotechnology, provides a high anti-slip resistance coefficient.

Similarly, it is vital for a contract project to include fireproof materials which can be installed in any space where there is no fire hazard, as well as a flooring which does not demand a high-level of maintenance. Par-Ker does not require any kind of surface treatment after installation nor any subsequent maintenance. On top of that, its low porosity and high resistance against chemical agents make Par-ker an easy-to-clean product.

It is certainly an ideal option for those projects in business which seek to create a warm delicate atmosphere through the wood veining, the textures and the colours, without foregoing the resistance and functionality of ceramic.

Fineness in the Les Bulles Hotel, in Paris

Located in the Latin Quarter in Paris, very close to the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Luxembourg Gardens, one can find one of the most sophisticated projects in the city, a haven which has been designed by Sandrine Alouf, and whose decoration revolves around a champagne-related world. A product with a special design, whose style is capable of winning over any enthusiast of luxury and distinction.

In order to achieve a warm and sophisticated atmosphere, those in charge of the project opted for Par-ker Oxford for the flooring in a Natural finish by Porcelanosa. A ceramic parquet which provides each of the hotel halls with great elegance.

The Monasterio Spa-Hotel refurbishment, in Valbuena

Castilla Termal-Monasterio de Valbuena is a 12th century architectural gem located in Valbuena del Duero, in Valladolid. We are dealing with a structure listed as a Property of Cultural Interest and a National Artistic Monument, which was extended and remodelled in 2015 by the Castilla Termal company in order to for it to be turned into an exclusive spa.  In this way, we get a haven aimed at relaxation which exudes the uniqueness and beauty of its environment, as well as its historical atmosphere of meditation.

The Monasterio Spa-Hotel restaurant is one of the most special spaces. There, one can discover one of the most renowned designations of origin, in other words, the Ribera del Duero DO, together with the Bruselas Vintage floor tile from Par-ker, and the Oxford Natural from Porcelanosa in La Cilla café.

Natural inspiration in the 28 DINING restaurant

In the 28 DINING  restaurant and the lobby in the Van der Valk Hotel in Assen in the Netherlands, the Hans Kuijten  interior design studio designed an interior with amazing architectural beauty through a lively decoration, slightly eclectic with dim lights, along with vegetation and naturally-inspired materials.

A gastronomic space where the material selection was carefully worked on, and this was done by banking on warm designs with emotional character with the inalterability and resistance which this kind of projects requires. We have the Par-Ker Ascot Arce ceramic parquet from Porcelanosa playing the major role.  The flooring is full of personality and sophistication, and the herringbone pattern installation provides the atmosphere with uniqueness.

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