January 7, 2020 | Updated: June 3, 2021


100% Par-Ker Restaurants

The Porcelanosa ceramic collection has become one of the most widely used materials in the restaurant sector due to its inviting design and high resistance.

Each of its series reproduces the grains and colours of maple or walnut, but with the technical properties of ceramics, while promoting energy efficiency.

Porcelanosa’s Par-ker ceramic parquet flooring has become one of the most widely used materials in the restaurant sector.

Thanks to its design, which perfectly reproduces the grains and textures of natural wood, and then blends in the technical properties of ceramic, the series in the Par-ker™ range are perfect for this type of space, since they can be used to create personalised, inviting rooms without boundaries.

P Orleans Roble 19,3x120cm H Render 1

Colonial and mid-century modern interior design

These attributes reinforce the brand image of restaurants, since Par-ker™ elements are highly resistant to fire and scratching, and are unaffected by constant use or exposure to moisture. Many of the components are non-slip thanks to the application of nanotechnology.

By using matte and textured finishes, series such as Ascot and Orleans offer a perfect match for those restaurants that feature a colonial, industrial or mid-century modern interior design.

P Ascot Arce29,4x120&19,3x120cm H 1

While Ascot offers two shades (Maple and Teak), whose components can be combined with vintage furniture, wicker lamps, leather or upholstered armchairs and wrought-iron tables, Orleans is available in five shades (Oak, Grey, Maple, Natural and Nut), and its components are suited to those functional spaces that contain furniture with angled legs, geometric lamps, iron stools, exposed brick walls or marble countertops.

Sustainable design

Resistant to sunlight and extreme temperatures, Par-Ker™ needs almost no maintenance thanks to its low porosity and easy cleaning. In addition, the Forest series promotes energy efficiency and contributes to environmental sustainability.

Made up of 95% recycled material sourced from other solid waste, 40% less CO2 is emitted during the manufacturing process, thus complying with the zero-waste programme developed by the company.

P Forest Arce22x90&14,3x90cm H2

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