July 26, 2021 | Updated: August 9, 2021


PAR-KER® by Porcelanosa: ceramic wood for grand designs

The brand's ceramic parquet takes inspiration from oak and walnut, and its larger dimensions and resistance have made it a top material of the moment.

PAR-KER® ceramic parquet by Porcelanosa is made for larger projects. It perfectly replicates the texture and sheen of natural woods like oak, cherry and walnut, and it's one of the top choices of materials right now.

PAR-KER Porcelanosa

With 12 different series in the collection (Ascot, Chester, Delaware, Devon, Heritage, Manhattan, Minnesota, Nebraska, Nobu, Oxford, Tanzania, Vancouver) this is a versatile, resistant and elegant material which can be used on floors or walls, indoors or out.

Craftsmanship and warmth for unique spaces

The PAR-KER® range is the perfect representation of innovation in ceramic design, thanks to its realistic finishes and excellent technical performance. Highlights include its resistance against sunlight (it won't fade over time), foot traffic and adverse weather conditions, low porosity (moisture resistant) and non-slip properties. All of which make it the ideal material for paving terraces, swimming pools and bathrooms.

PAR-KER Porcelanosa

PAR-KER® will add the warm, natural, handcrafted feel so typical of traditional carpentry to residential and retail projects, with the added plus of being large format and requiring little maintenance.

PAR-KER Porcelanosa Lounge

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