November 5, 2014 | Updated: December 14, 2018


Par-ker® Liston Oxford and Taco Oxford, ceramic wood for walls

The comfort and warmth of wood surfaces are perfect for creating autumnal and winter atmospheres, where the low temperatures encourage us to retreat indoors to enjoy the intimacy of interior spaces.

In line with this aesthetic trend, established worldwide, Porcelanosa has developed a ceramic covering which reflects the pleasant presence of natural wood, with designs capable of transporting us to the interior of a log cabin. Liston Oxford and Taco Oxford are the two Par-ker® models inspired by these rustic, serene atmospheres which perfectly recreate the characteristic grains and striations of oak.

While the Liston model presents a surface made from the joining of several very fine boards to achieve a more stylish finish, Taco presents an irregular surface in the form of a mosaic made up of cubes of different colours and textures. Both designs are offered in a 31.6x90cm format to facilitate the installation process.

The warm, reddish tones of the Cognac finish, the beiges of the realistic Natural finish, the smoothness of the velvety greys of Acero and the luminosity of Blanco are the four options in which Porcelanosa has created these ceramic coverings for walls of all types of atmosphere.

The notable ecological character of the ceramic parquet series by Porcelanosa, achieved thanks to a production process which takes care of our natural environment, must be noted in addition to the resistance and durability of this covering, which remains unchanged after exposure to sunlight and requires no special maintenance.

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