May 19, 2021 | Updated: June 3, 2021


Par-Ker® goes from strength to strength in PORCELANOSA’s business strategy

The brand, which encompasses all the multinational’s ceramic wood collections, is launching a new website with its own brand identity and new designs added to its catalogue.

The Par-Ker® concept is already a landmark in PORCELANOSA Group history. With a trajectory spanning more than 30 years, the brand has become a benchmark in ceramic wood production. The Par-Ker® name encompasses all the multinational’s natural wood effect porcelain stoneware collections, one of its most in-demand product categories for both the residential and contract sectors.

And thanks to the material’s versatility, stability and warmth, demand just keeps on growing. This is why PORCELANOSA Group is making a firm commitment to the brand, giving it its own identity and broadening its catalogue.

Amongst other initiatives, the company has launched a new Par-Ker® website, with a two-fold objective: first, to be a platform where professionals can look up technical information on all the various models, and second, to be a source of inspiration.

The website will showcase real projects, with designs in all types of spaces, and will also offer news to keep browsers up to date with all the latest trends in interior design and décor.

Eco-friendly Par-Ker®

The product’s sustainability deserves its own special mention. The Par-Ker® brand has a strong eco-friendly commitment. Highlights include optimising resources at every stage of the production process, and manufacturing collections containing 95% recycled material. These initiatives reduce C02 emissions and contribute to sustainable construction, helping to combat climate change.

Par-Ker® Ascot Teca 29.4 cm x 120 cm + 19.3 cm x 120 cm
Par-Ker® Delaware Natural 29.4 cm x 19.3 cm x 180 cm + Malaga Beige ceramic tiles 25 cm x 44.3 cm
Par-Ker® Devon Riviera 29.4 cm x 180 cm

All with web usability and simple design in mind, in earthy colours reminiscent of nature in its purest form.
And the brand is also gaining ground on the main social networks (Instagram and Facebook), making direct contact with customers and introducing innovations in ceramic wood.

The new catalogue is also available, where you can find in-depth information on the infinite choice of finishes, formats and installation, etc. wood inspired ceramic tiles offer.

Par-Ker® Nobu Arce 19.3 cm x 180 cm

New models

At a product level, Par-Ker® is incorporating all of the collections previously under the Starwood brand, creating a single concept: PORCELANOSA ceramic wood. The intention? To make it easier for customers to make decisions when choosing ceramic parquet flooring for their home or business.

All the ranges have their own dedicated space in PORCELANOSA stores worldwide, where architects, interior designers, decorators and individuals can compare, contrast and choose the model that best suits their project.

Advantages of ceramic parquet

  • For 30 years, PORCELANOSA has been successfully combining design and technological advances, offering unique and incredibly realistic floor and wall tiles of the highest quality.
  • The products’ excellent resistance against falling objects, high traffic and scratches is a particular highlight. Ceramic wood also stands out for the way it remains unchanged over time, even in the event of adverse weather conditions such as high temperatures, direct sunlight, rain or humidity.
  • What’s more, its composition is resistant to chemical cleaning thanks to its low porosity, preventing the absorption of harmful agents from disinfectant products. This makes for easy cleaning, and means it doesn’t require any special maintenance.

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