December 28, 2017

Par-Ker ceramic parquet coverings: coverings inspired by nature

The high level of maintenance and care required by natural wood greatly limits its use. Conversely, with the original Par-Ker ceramic parquet from Porcelanosa, it is easier to obtain and maintain a decoration with a natural aesthetic on walls, ceilings and even furniture.It is a new covering which achieves an extremely realistic appearance, with veins, colours and textures which accurately recreate natural wood. It is a revolution in the concept of coverings, as it combines the warm, distinguished appearance of natural wood with the technical advantages of a ceramic material.9 reasons to use Par-Ker as a covering
  • In addition to use on walls, it offers a multitude of creative possibilities in interior design, and can be used as a covering for ceilings, and even the creation of decorative elements such as bed headboards.
  • Furthermore, its high resistance to moisture and water make it an ideal option for achieving a natural space in the bathroom.
  • It is a perfect option for coverings in kitchens, as it provides an original, innovative aesthetic to the space, as well as high fire resistance.
  • Its low porosity and high resistance to chemical agents make it an easy to clean product.
  • Its high resistance allows its use as an outdoor covering, as its ceramic composition makes it unalterable by the most extreme weather conditions, as well as sunlight and moisture.
  • It can be used as a covering in chimneys thanks to its high fire resistance.
  • The Par-Ker ceramic parquet remains unaltered by time and continuous use.
  • Thanks to its ceramic properties, it is very resistant and easy to maintain.
  • It does not require any kind of surface treatment after installation, or subsequent maintenance.


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