September 11, 2017 | Updated: 3 June 2021


PAR-KER ceramic parquet: classic material with the technology of the future

In the search to make the impossible possible, and by breaking with the established reality and finding new possibilities, ceramic parquet was created.  A concept that has been developing in leaps and bounds, accurately recreating its veins, textures and colours transmitted by wood in ceramic pieces. This type of material has become a trend thanks to its capability of conveying the warmth and harmony evoked by natural wood, without foregoing its ceramic features such as durability, strength, easy maintenance and cleaning.

PAR-KER: 30 years at the forefront of ceramic parquet

The objective of the PORCELANOSA Group is the development and innovation of its products without foregoing the essence of the matter. 30 years of applying the most advanced technology in the design of ceramic parquet which allows for obtaining a product with natural finish of high quality and definition in large formats.

The firm's continuous work in innovation is materialised in the PAR-KER collections, which stand out because of their versatility regarding being installed and for the infinite decorative possibilities of their pieces. Inspired by the nobility of wood, they become a matter for demanding design and architecture projects both aesthetically and technically.

It is worth mentioning that the increased resistance against abrasion and wear and tear of the ceramic parquet by Porcelanosa make this a material that remains unaltered in spaces exposed to a lot of traffic such as contract projects: shopping centres, restaurants, offices or hotels.

Par-Ker can be installed as a floor tile or wall tile, in both indoor and outdoor spaces - terraces or even facade wall tiles- since its pigmentation is not affected by sunlight.

Among its main advantages is that, being a ceramic parquet, it is resistant to the most adverse weather conditions, as well as to spaces that are in constant contact with moisture and water. It allows for a finish inspired by wood to be installed in the bathroom, kitchen or even the surroundings of a swimming pool. For this, Par-Ker is also available in an AntiSlip version, designed to guarantee maximum safety through a texture without any roughness.

Par-Ker is the result of the application with the most advanced technology by Porcelanosa which, through the nanotechnology technique, works on the ceramic surface at the molecular level creating unique pieces that guarantee the maximum care for the user. Therefore, Par-Ker overcomes the highest demands of the CTE to offer a safe material with a unique design, which is soft to touch and above all, practical.


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