August 10, 2015 | Updated: December 14, 2018


Par-ker Ascot: wooden floors for terraces with breezes from the past

Both terraces and gardens become the perfect place for both relaxing and for getting some peace and quiet in the summer months thanks to the freshness contributed by our day-to-day lives.

Porcelanosa, with its eagerness to put together both warmth and aesthetic in the design of outside spaces, take us to the old style residences from the 19th century. Breezes blow over our terraces with a smell that reminds us of the past, thanks to the paving by Par-ker Ascot ceramic parquets.The air of nostalgic is very evident in one of the most innovative materials by the firm and it is the Par-ker Ascot collection in a Teca finish. It is a floor that seems like wood, and one which revives with a huge aesthetic power the fine dyes of the natural recuperated wood.Beyond the aesthetic traits, this ceramic floor tile offers technical advantages that make it the perfect bet for outside. With regard to the limited maintenance that they require and the ease of which it is cleaned is joined together with its tremendous resistance to slipping, and this is achieved thanks to an advanced technique based on the nanotechnology, which maintains the smoothness and the even texture of the material without affecting the safety aspects.The anti-slip version of Par-ker Ascot is available in a 14,3×90 cm format, thus turning it into a suitable option for areas that come into contact with water like open uncovered terraces and the areas surrounding your swimming pool.Get ready for evenings of conversations, relaxing with a good book and endless relaxation on a terrace which has a taste of the past. 

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