March 14, 2018 | Updated: 3 June 2021


GET THE LOOK: Mediterranean-inspired outdoors with the Ascot ceramic parquet by PAR-KER

Sunny days are on the way, and to enjoy springtime meals in an outdoor atmosphere, we bank on an atmosphere dominated by materials and fabrics such as wood, raffia and shades with a Mediterranean essence.

The terrace blends in perfectly with its location through textiles and accessories in greenish and watered shades, like the outside furniture which is done in raffia, a material that has a unique natural touch.

To add an extra amount of warmth to the space, the ceramic parquet from the Ascot series by PAR-KER is included, a model with a nostalgic feel that covers the terrace with a design which recreates the textures, imperfections and tonalities of natural wood, but with the unique features of ceramic. It requires minimal maintenance, it is resistant to impacts and the weather such as moisture or water and, the anti-slip version is made with an advanced technique based on nanotechnology that maintains the smoothness and the flat texture of the material without losing the safety aspect.

Available in 14.3cm×90cm format, it is an ideal piece for open terraces or pool areas.

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