July 2, 2019


Outdoor Technology from Starwood: beauty and quality for outdoor spaces

The innovative Outdoor system from Starwood keeps the aesthetic features of the product intact against humidity, the weather and the passage of time.

It turns out to be a great solution for those spaces which seek spaciousness, since it creates continuity between interiors and exteriors. Furthermore, its application does not result in any tone changes.


Deciding on building materials for outdoor spaces is usually a difficult task because of the special care that those areas demand. Humidity, high temperatures, frost, rain and the passing of time are some of the factors that affect these types of floorings. Outdoor technology which has been developed by Porcelanosa Group for its Starwood ceramic wood series allows for the product to be installed on terraces, patios and even in pool areas while remaining unaffected. A solution which is available in all the models from the Minnesota, Nebraska, Tanzania, Vancouver, Nairobi and Namibia collections; standing out because of the versatility which its wide range of tones provides, as well as the functionality of its technical performance.

Ceramic wood, the perfect partner for terraces

The texture of the wood brings nature and warmth to mind. It gives the spaces great character which enhances its beauty as well. One of the main advantages of ceramic parquet is that it imitates the natural wood look, with the benefits of the porcelain tile. Starwood offers a huge number of functional aesthetic possibilities for the outdoor space design. The Outdoor technology allows for the beauty of the natural-wood inspired floorings to remain unaffected over the years.


The Outdoor system from Starwood creates a greater feeling of spaciousness, resulting in jointless flooring between the interior and exterior atmospheres. It can even be applied just in the outside area so that the same tone as that inside the house is kept without any change in appearance.

The ceramic wood from Porcelanosa Group complies with the DIN 51130 regulations at national and international level, endorsing it as a material which is suitable for outdoor areas. The Outdoor technology from Starwood is therefore a perfect option for outdoor atmospheres.

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