June 26, 2023


How to transform your outdoor space into an al fresco dining room

Outdoor dining areas give you the perfect setting to enjoy unforgettable moments in the open air.

Choosing the right materials – ones that connect you to the outdoor setting – is crucial. Outdoor dining rooms have been trending in recent years, in a reworking of the traditional home concept. These spaces combine the comfort of a traditional dining room with the freshness and beauty of the natural environment.

A well-designed outdoor dining area is a must for outdoor gatherings, whether in your back patio, terrace or garden. Here are our tips for creating your outdoor dining space.

Your outdoor dining essentials

When planning your outdoor dining space, start with the location. First and foremost, you need to think about easy access and ground conditions. And to make sure you and your guests are comfortable, think about locating it in one of the coolest spots of your garden or outdoor space.

Choosing furniture and textiles

When you’re choosing materials for your outdoor furnishings, it’s important to think about resistance against wet weather and adverse climate conditions.

Aluminium, stainless steel, treated wood and synthetic rattan furniture are some of the most popular choices. Outdoor dining sets – as well as individual tables and chairs – all come in a host of styles and designs. From minimalist, ultra-modern pieces to classic and traditional, you can find the right fit for your project.

In terms of colours, outdoor dining sets in brighter shades are guaranteed to add freshness and style to your space. Cushions, tablecloths, rugs and accessories in striking colours will add a fun and festive ambience. Use prints and patterns to add an extra dose of personality and sophistication to your table setting.

Ambient lighting

Getting your lighting right will completely transform the feel of your outdoor dining space. Hanging festoon lighting or fairy lights is a great way to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere when night falls.

Solar-powered lighting requires little or no installation, and it’s more sustainable.
You could also add candles or lanterns for an exotic and intimate feel. Well-planned lighting elevates the aesthetic of your space and gives you the perfect setting to enjoy dining outdoors into the night.

Privacy and protection

If you want to get the absolute most out of your outdoor dining space, you’ll need to think about elements that protect you from the weather. Creating a wood, metal or cement structure for your dining space offers protection with an added dose of intimacy. These structures up the aesthetic appeal and make the space feel cosier – it’s no surprise they’re so coveted.

Alternatively, you could incorporate a mobile pergola, retractable awning or parasol into your design, protecting you from direct sunlight and creating a more comfortable setting. Adding curtains or screens makes the space even more private, shielding you from both wind and unwanted attention.

Multifunctional spaces

Your outdoor space is about more than tables and chairs. The latest designs are geared towards creating multifunctional spaces where you can enjoy a range of outdoor activities.

Make the most of your outdoor space by creating a bar area surrounded by stools, a seating area or outdoor kitchen.

Balancing nature and technology

Integrating nature into your design is an increasingly popular trend in outdoor dining spaces. Planters filled with colourful flowers and plants, lush vines and vertical gardens add a wonderfully fresh feel, breathing life into your outdoor dining room. Combine natural materials like wood and stone with vegetation for relaxing and harmonious results.

In stark contrast to the natural trend, you could also incorporate technological devices designed specifically for outdoor use. From Bluetooth speakers to TVs and waterproof projectors, there’s a whole world of high-tech options you can add to your outdoor dining area.

Outdoor dining materials

When you’re planning your outdoor dining space, your choice of materials for the wall/floor tiles or cladding is key. PORCELANOSA Group offers a wide range of products to suit any project. Use natural stone, ceramic or porcelain tiles to create a sense of flow from your indoor space and connect the two areas.

Par-Ker Vancouver Sand and Solidker Trento Grey by Porcelanosa both make a fine choice for dining areas thanks to their resistance and restrained style. Whether exposed to extreme temperatures, blows or heavy use, these stable materials can withstand it all.

Blend them with decorative ceramic tiles such as Stone 3D Arce or Line 3D Arce in shades that add a lighter, utterly unique look to your outdoor dining space. Other standout options include 20 mm think ceramic tiles by Porcelanosa and Butech. These include collections such as Thic’ker Riven or Thic’ker Bottega representing a new generation of porcelain stoneware. These models have been designed for use on raised outdoor flooring or directly over grass, gravel or sand.

Natural stone is another strong contender for your dining space, thanks to its technical performance. Featuring a non-slip finish to prevent dangerous falls, Alhama Texture Home marble by L’Antic Colonial comes in a light and neutral colourway. This makes it easy to match with furnishings and other décor accessories in bright colours. Skins Art Abstract Green wallpaper, for example, will up your outdoor colour game.

Last but not least, raised outdoor flooring offers an aesthetically pleasing solution to overcome uneven ground in your outdoor dining area. This system boasts a number of height-adjustable pedestals, resulting in a floor that’s not only completely flat, but also filters the water effectively through the open joins. Butech’s Exterior STE creates a wonderfully clean design, free from visible drainage or cut elements.

An outdoor kitchen/diner

Outdoor dining spaces have experienced a major boom in popularity, propelling elements traditionally seen as indoor spaces into the outdoors with fresh new structures. Meet the outdoor kitchen. A solution loaded with advantages. No more carrying tableware, glasses and food outdoors at mealtimes. Bringing this space outside the home increases your storage capacity; eliminates odours and increases the value of your property.

The Offroad Kitchen by Gamadecor is constructed with aluminium panels clad in resistant materials such as ceramic tiles by Porcelanosa or the KRION® Solid mineral compact. This gives the designs next-level resistance and durability, with the ability to withstand strong temperature contrasts, rain, heat or cold.

Maximise your outdoor space with an outdoor dining room

Ultimately, if you pick the right location, hard-wearing materials, ambient lighting and add some cutting-edge technology, you can make your outdoor dining room an unparalleled oasis. Head to your nearest Porcelanosa store to plan your space and find the right products for your outdoor dining area.

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