14 October 2020


Practical ideas for organising kitchen cabinets

Designing this area carefully and keeping it tidy will allow you to gain space and live more healthily.

Having organised kitchen cabinets that are spacious and hygienic is a challenge. That is why PORCELANOSA Group has produced a handbook on order in the kitchen with the most common errors and their respective solutions.

The following steps will explain practical and healthy ways to organise your kitchen cabinets.

How to make the best use of space without losing

sight of design

Each kitchen has a size, a layout and a number of different drawers, but they all reflect a certain order. To design a functional pantry, we recommend that you include several cupboards or organisers for food near the worktop, positioning each one according to how often the item is used and the type of packaging (fresh or packaged). This way, a small pantry can gain space and be more accessible.

organise pantry


1. How can I organise a kitchen easily

and efficiently?

The first thing you should do is empty your pantry and remove out-of-date products. Then clean each of the storage areas with a damp cloth and order what you want to store by shape, size and best-by date. The most practical system is to organise each shelf by type of product: spices, salt, liquids or vacuum-packed.

organise pantry


2. Each product needs a container

If you want food to be kept in good condition, it is best to store each item in an airtight tupperware jar or sustainable packaging. This way, you can identify food more quickly and consume it according to its properties and the best-by date. By organising the pantry sustainably you can avoid food wastage.


3. Classification by category and

best-by date

Group foods by type: pulses, oils, nuts, flour, pasta, or canned foods, creating a section for each product so that you can monitor remaining stocks.

A tip: place foods that will expire earlier at the front and those that are less perishable at the back. This way food will not be thrown away unnecessarily and will be consumed according to your needs.


Gamadecor's Smart Kitchen informs the user of the food stored inside by means of an artificial intelligence system that detects the status of the food.

4. Better visibility and more orderly storage

One of the most useful ideas for organising your pantry is glass doors and display cabinets. In addition to making the interior visible, glass has a smooth, easy-to-clean surface helping with better hygiene.


E5.70 Grafito Brillo Roble Puro Kitchen by Gamadecor with glass doors.




All types of food, including cereals, oils, water, bread and fruit, can be stored in the pantry. Depending on how you organise the interior, you can also include kitchenware, dishcloths and/or cooking utensils.

We recommend positioning the pantry in a clean, cool place in the kitchen, away from heat and direct sunlight. PORCELANOSA Group kitchens have shelves and drawers that form an integral part of the kitchen and make it easier to keep things tidy.

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