August 26, 2015 | Updated: October 26, 2018


Organic elegance in the new sculptural furniture by Verónica Martinez Design

Organic sculptures converted into design furniture is the new range of furniture developed by the interior designer, Verónica Martínez Design, for the new showroom by the firm M2 Ibiza Construct.

It is done completely with Krion® Solid Surface 1100 Snow White, the mineral compact by PORCELANOSA Group, the designer and artist has tried to reflect in each piece of furniture the unique essence and the soul of island that is Ibiza, a natural paradise in which one can find the very showroom from which it has been designed.Thanks to the advanced traits of this material, and the  thermal curvature which allows it to take on unique shapes, a series of design furniture and sculptures that stand out because of the elegance and the organic rhymes shaped by the sea. As if it was floating, this furniture collection is characterised by its visual lightness. The piece that is particularly surprising is a table, 4 metres in length in which gravity challenges Krion® in a game of visual weights, also in combination with white benches with corten steel.Corner furniture catches us by surprise in the same way, the columns with backlighting and the sculptural lining on the walls that reach up to 6 metres in length.Veronica Martinez, an expert in interior design, landscaping and sculptures is a connoisseur of Solid Surface Krion®, and among her work are projects such as nature-inspired outside furniture items, which gives a warm welcome to the showroom from the firm Systempool. 

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