13 June 2022


Steps to a designer kitchen with Porcelanosa

The new trend in interior design is to extend the kitchen into the living room by using neutral colours, sliding cupboards and infinite worktops that can be used for cooking or as a support table.

Kitchens are the new living rooms and have become the centre of life in the home. This new functionality has led to more open and dynamic designs in which comfort is prioritised over other aspects. This is certainly the case with Gamadecor kitchens, whose composition allows each model to be integrated into the general decoration of the home by means of straight lines and high quality materials, large cupboards with sliding doors and neutral colours that improve luminosity.

The following list shows some of Porcelanosa's kitchens that are currently trending in interior design circles.

Colourful kitchens with natural materials

The combination of textures and organic colours is increasingly common in kitchen design. If minimalist and monochromatic spaces were the trend of yesteryear, new interior design proposals go for the complete opposite, merging lively colours such as green, blue and red with wood, high chairs, vintage furniture and extendable white worktops.

This decorative eclecticism based on green tones, warm lights and imitation marble porcelain tiles is what the open model Buffet Forest E7.90 Roble Puro by Gamadecor presents. For a more modern touch, you can also include Noken kitchen taps such as Round Inox in Brushed Copper or Bridge Slim in Titanium. The latter has a harmonious geometric design with a rounded spout and a pull-out handle that adapts to the user's needs.

Light-filled kitchens integrated into the living room

Opening up the kitchen to the rest of the home is becoming increasingly common in interior design. The best way to achieve this is by removing walls and partitions and joining the kitchen to the living room or dining room. Models such as E5.70 Grafito, E6.20 Roble Torrefacto or White Glass Emotions by Gamadecor allow for a better optimisation of space and bring in more light due to their large white lacquered drawer units and infinite worktops.

A good way to create a balanced contrast with the minimalist design of these kitchens is to include black taps such as Arquitect in matt black or Bridge by Noken. If you prefer metallic colours, the Pure Line taps by Noken combine technology and cutting-edge design. Their circular control with LED ring indicates water temperature, helping you use as little water as possible (Noken T-Start technology).

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