August 9, 2022 | Updated: June 8, 2023

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The most environmentally-friendly industrial bathroom

Butech has developed a bathroom model that guarantees the protection and care of nature

Reducing the environmental footprint, shorter delivery times and improved efficiency are the core principles of Porcelanosa Offsite, the new production line for modular construction elements.

Eco materials

The Monobath collection of industrial bathrooms includes an Eco programme, made up of elements from the different PORCELANOSA Group firms, which uses recycled materials and cuts down on water and energy use.

The pieces in this sustainable modular bathroom model include washbasins and countertops from the ONE series, made using Krion Shell® technology, which have a minimum of 5% recycled raw materials and are certified by SCS to offer durable, repairable and high-quality products.

The flooring used in the Porcelanosa Offsite eco-friendly bathroom is the PAR-KER® Forest ceramic wood model by Porcelanosa, a product made from 95% recycled products and bearing the Dapcons environmental declaration. As a result, the production of the Forest model emits up to 40% less CO2.

This ecological bathroom model features the Tec Round shower, by Noken, a thermostatic shower column that bears the WaterForest sustainable label, which saves water and energy while reducing CO2 emissions.

Thanks to Noken's Eco-Flow technology, Noken's Round series of taps relies on flow limiters to reduce water consumption to at most 5 litres per minute. Similarly, Noken's Eco-Start promotes energy savings since, by activating the handle in the centre position, it only lets cold water flow. Acro Compact toilets feature the low-flow Noken Eco-Flush, which uses up to 61% less water.

Efficiency, innovation and sustainability

Now that new technologies are making it possible to enhance the efficiency and profitability of processes, Butech, through the Porcelanosa Offsite programme, also offers sustainable industrial solutions for kitchens (Monokitchen), façades (Modfaçades) and outdoor modules (Garden Pods).

These bathrooms are not only quick and effective to install, they have a lower environmental footprint. Specifically, waste and rubble are reduced thanks to the industrial planning and organisation of the production process. At the same time, shorter transport distances minimise GHG (greenhouse gases) emissions.

These products are the perfect solution for large projects: housing developments, hotels, nursing homes and hospitals.

By including Monobaths from Porcelanosa Offsite with eco materials in the design, all types of buildings are eligible for sustainable construction certifications, such as Leed, Breeam and Verde.

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