May 9, 2022


Offroad Kitchen, the new outdoor kitchen by Gamadecor

The PORCELANOSA firm has launched an innovative kitchen concept designed for outdoor spaces.

The kitchen design features two impressive monolithic blocks. Conjuring up an image of prehistoric monolithic temples, carved in stone, the Offroad Kitchen is one of Gamadecor's star new additions for 2022.

For high-performance outdoor cooking

Designed especially for outdoor use, and made in some of PORCELANOSA Group's most innovative materials, this kitchen replaces traditional wood with a hollow-core aluminium interior and honeycomb-core panel structure. The composition gives it the ability to withstand temperature changes, rain, other extreme weather and sunlight.

To achieve this sober and restrained, sculptural aesthetic, Gamadecor used extra-resistant materials including Porcelanosa ceramics and the Krion® mineral compact. These are just two of the firm's numerous solutions. Its innovation in design and quality is what has made it the leading kitchen manufacturer in Spain, as stated in the latest IM Kitchens and Bathrooms report in 2020.

One significant advantage the Offroad Kitchen has over other models is its generous storage capacity, with cupboards and extendable drawers housing electronic components. This is versatility at its best. The worktop can be used for cooking, a dining table, or a side table.

The next generation of kitchens has officially arrived.

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