April 5, 2022 | Updated: June 6, 2022


Official press release from Porcelanosa on its business in Russia

In response to the speech by the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky, this afternoon at the Congress of Deputies, PORCELANOSA declares that it categorically condemns the military invasion of Ukraine by the Russian army and that the violence perpetrated against civilians, and the latest atrocities carried out in the town of Bucha has left us deeply shocked and saddened.

At the beginning of the Russian invasion on 24 February, PORCELANOSA took the decision to suspend all its commercial activities in Russia, where there is no domestic distribution network, unlike in other countries such as Spain, the USA, Italy and France. The only commercial activity that has taken place in Russia corresponds to the minimum services established in contracts with multi-brand distributors prior to the war, which in March represented only 0.009% of the company’s sales. The total sales in Russia and during this time amounted to 197,000 euros.

PORCELANOSA is committed to the defence of human rights, democracy and peaceful coexistence, and the company is actively participating in the shipping of medical aid, food supplies and clothing to show its heartfelt support to the people of Ukraine. We are also providing humanitarian support to a group of 7 people from Ukraine, who came to our central offices before the invasion and who are receiving the Company’s help and protection during their stay in the province of Castellón.

The priority for PORCELANOSA has always been to guarantee the integrity and prosperity of all the members and agents that form part of our Company, and this is what we are defending in Ukraine and Spain.

Porcelanosa’s assessment after the meeting with the Ukrainian Ambassador in Spain

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