May 23, 2019


Nylo Black: the Urbatek porcelain tile which simulates black marble

This large sized ceramic collection is included in XLight Premium and it comes with a thin 6mm thickness.

Its textures and colours offer endless possibilities, preserving that classical architecture from the early days in the western world.

Inspired by black marble, the new Nylo collection by Urbatek goes a step further in terms of the large size.

Set in XLight Premium, this material projects any design without limits. Its ceramic sheet in 120cm x 250cm (wall tile) and 120cm x 120cm (floor tile) formats, has a thin 6mm thickness and its veining which has a crackled appearance bring greater luminosity to the space through yellow and gold.


Nylo is defined by a smooth texture and a high ceramic resistance. Two qualities which allow it to be used on walls and floors, providing greater realism for projects.

Its finishes and colours are inspired by ancient architecture models, increasing the originality of the rooms.

Design in constant evolution.

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