March 4, 2021


Smart and healthy bathrooms with Touchless by Noken

The PORCELANOSA Group firm is committed to developing contactless solutions and smart taps to make public and domestic bathrooms safer and more hygienic.

Technology has become our best ally in controlling the COVID-19 pandemic. Contactless and touchless solutions make for cleaner and more hygienic bathrooms, and have meant we can reduce the risk of contagion in public and domestic bathrooms.

Electronic sensor taps, automatic gel dispensers, toilets with touchless flush systems and proximity activated illuminated LED mirrors are some of the smart solutions Noken (PORCELANOSA Group) has designed to make bathrooms safer and healthier spaces.



Acro Compact toilet + Pure Line mirror + Hotels electronic sensor tap Noken Porcelanosa

Touchless technology at the service of people

Noken’s electronic sensor taps turn bathrooms into ‘COVID free’ spaces, thanks to the contactless technology that switches taps on or off without the user having to make any contact. The models available with this option are: Round, Square, Tono, Hotels and Irta, which also reduce water consumption by up to 70% (Noken Eco Flow Technology).

Another of the bathroom fixtures that incorporate smart, anti-fog technology are illuminated LED mirrors that turn on and off automatically, such as the Square, Lounge, Tile and Pure Line models.

Washing our hands and using hand sanitiser are now part of our everyday routine. So having hand sanitising gel dispensers in public and private spaces is now the norm, becoming part of the furniture in shopping centres, shops, schools, airports and restaurants.

Noken Porcelanosa gel dispenser

Bathroom company Noken now includes automatic dispensers in its catalogue, operated by contactless technology that prevent the spread of infectious agents.

Next generation toilets

I-Comfort Line flush plate + Essence C toilet Noken Porcelanosa

Noken toilets are operated using the IR-I Comfort Line smart flush system, available in steel, brushed and Finish Studio matt black.

This model allows the system to flush without the user making any contact, and improves the health and safety of bathrooms thanks to its self-cleaning function.

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