April 3, 2014 | Updated: October 26, 2018


Noken facilitates hygiene and safety in bathrooms with new removable toilet covers

At the forefront of design for bathroom equipment and the development of practical and functional solutions is Noken who has developed a new toilet seat collection with detachable covers that are compatible with the main sanitaryware collections of the PORCELANOSA Group Company.

This solution facilitates the toilet cleaning process and helps to maintain hygienic conditions for ceramic sanitaryware which are a must in bathrooms.

The attaching and detaching processes are quick and easy. The lid is effortlessly removed by just lightly pulling the toilet seat in a vertical position upwards, therefore allowing the whole surface to be disinfected. Once the ceramic is clean, the seat can be attached once again with one simple gesture, placing it on its fixings in the same position that was used to remove it.

Furthermore, the different Noken detachable modules are equipped with special cartridges so the cover closes softly and quietly. This closing system is also known as “soft-close” as it prevents any annoying and sudden noises, and maximises safety and comfort in bathrooms.

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