March 1, 2023



New arrivals from Noken place skincare and wellness front and centre

New designs, new formats and eco-friendly solutions take centre stage

The PORCELANOSA Group bathroom firm shows its enduring commitment to product innovation and sustainability at the Global Architecture and Interior Design International Exhibition.

Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms is collaborating with ERRE Arquitectura on Swan, a new tap design boasting functionality, technology, material sincerity and timeless appeal. And it's a WaterForest design, featuring cold-start and Noken Eco-Flow systems to help reduce water consumption.

The Finish Studio collection is constantly growing, bringing more colour and personality to today's bathrooms. Featuring a distinctive thin edge and refined aesthetic, round Slender washbasins have taken on new guises in pastel colours such as 'ártico' arctic blue or 'cioccolato' chocolate brown. The series transports us straight to the workshops where every piece is expertly painted by hand, making each one unique and special, regardless of your choice of finish. These washbasins have found their perfect partner in Round taps, featuring a new handle in several natural or pastel finishes.

As part of its ongoing commitment to body wellness and skin care, Noken has introduced the Care system, enhancing the potential of its products. The system offers optimal skin hydration, accelerates cellular metabolism, increases serotonin levels and collagen production (reducing wrinkles) and improves sleep quality and wellbeing, thanks to the oxygen micro-bubbles.

Reinventing the shower experience with the new Noken Energy shower head. The ultimate shower: refreshing and revitalising with soft and gentle rainfall. Each nozzle has five fine holes that divide the spray into micro-droplets. We've harnessed our cutting-edge approach to design to create a more relaxing and silent shower.

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