February 26, 2024



Noken’s novelties elevate the shower experience

Innovative wellness systems for the shower and the new faucet model represent the new products for bathrooms.

Projecting temples of disconnection, Noken incorporates new shower models with the most advanced technology. And on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the Lounge taps, Simone Micheli designs a new version, which can be seen exclusively in the showroom during the Porcelanosa International Exhibition.

Environment with Eye shower head and Slate shower tray, by Noken. XLIGHT Aged Clay Nature XLIGHT wall tile and PAR-KER® Smart Tanzania Nut floor tile, by Porcelanosa.

Personalise the shower experience

Disconnect, enjoy and rest. Noken introduces three new shower heads to enhance the shower experience. Thus, the new designs presented by the firm prioritise the user’s comfort and customisation. Thus, a room with a polished aesthetics and a sensory experience is achieved.

Eye shower head, by Noken.

Eye shower head: has a ceiling-mounted installation and a minimalist design. With a modern look, the shower experience is relaxing and rejuvenating. Its distinctive feature is chromotherapy, adding a unique sensory dimension to the shower experience.

Lounge shower head by Noken.

Lounge shower head: two innovative designs with different sizes and functionalities: from rainfall to cascade and spray. In addition, both shower heads incorporate chromotherapy and aromatherapy, thus enhancing the feeling of well-being in the shower experience.

Plump shower head by Noken.

Plump shower head: its elegant finishes combine copper and titanium with black, and chrome with white. They bring sophistication and versatility to bathroom design. Its enveloping rainfall, composed of thousands of delicate water droplets, guarantees a unique sensory experience.

Clean Tornado: efficient and sustainable cleaning in the bathroom

Clean Tornado is the innovative flushing system that redefines bathroom hygiene. This evolution of the previous system guarantees complete cleaning thanks to its centrifugal effect. In this way, the water is expelled with force and generates a 360º vortex to sanitise every corner of the bowl without splashing.

Efficiency and maximum hygiene are the premises of Clean Tornado. Its unique, flange-free outlet nozzle ensures effective cleaning, even in hard-to-reach places. Its simple system facilitates maintenance, guaranteeing an impeccable toilet without the need for frequent cleaning.

In addition to its exceptional performance, Clean Tornado contributes to the reduction of the carbon footprint. Through the ECO dual-flush option (4.5/3 litres), the system saves water. This provides a silent flush, which transforms the bathing experience.

Toilet that incorporates the Clean Tornado system, by Noken.

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Lounge Fluid

It is 15 years since Simone Micheli designed the Lounge collection, joining the list of renowned architects who have signed exclusive collections for Noken. The pieces from this series stand out for their timeless character, with their straight and sinuous shapes. It is a design that lasts over time, being a redefinition of elegance. At the same time, the Lounge Fluid bathtub is also presented, an evolution of the primitive design of this element.

For the occasion, Simone Micheli has created a new version, Lounge Fluid, moulded by water. This new collection manages to fill the bathroom with exquisiteness and Italian refinement. The design can be seen exclusively in the Noken showroom during the Porcelanosa International Exhibition.

Ambience with the Lounge Fluid bathtub, by Noken.

In addition, the timeless Lounge collection has been extended with a modern matt black finish for the taps. On the other hand, the original collection is completed, incorporating innovative products, such as the towel rail and the shower column. Practical and functional design pieces to enhance the interior design of the room and make it a more pleasant experience.

Maximum design and comfort

At Noken, the combination of design and comfort creates bathroom rooms with unforgettable experiences. The bathroom novelties merge technology and functionality to have a wellness space at home within reach.

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