January 12, 2017 | Updated: October 26, 2018


New Roche collection by Venis: inspired by cement and the essence of the first hydraulic tiles

Venis, one of the firms from the PORCELANOSA Group, keeps on reinventing itself to offer innovative designs regarding flooring and ceramic wall tiles. Following this line, Venis has launched Roche, a widely inspiriting and trendy series based on cement finishes and classical-styled hydraulic tiles.

The collection brings formats for both flooring and wall tiles together, which are suitable for either industrial style or retro vintage projects. On one hand, the flooring is porcelain tile, whilst on the other hand, the wall tiles are monoporous, which turn out to be ideal for providing any part of the house with sophistication.

Regarding the models included in the Roche series by Venis, one can find the following: Roche Acero, Roche Retro Acero and Deco Roche Acero 9.

Roche Acero, available in three different formats: 59,6×59,6 cm; 33,3x100cm; and 45x120cm; is the most restrained design, with the beauty and style offered by the best cement inspiration, showing its different shades of grey and a stylishly imperfect aesthetics.

Roche Retro Acero, however, shows different inspiration with a very fine textured finish, and it is capable of decorating the interior designs and making them shine as well. In this case, the formats that are available are the following: 33,3x100cm and 45x120cm.

The latest collection design is the Deco Roche Acero 9, only available in the 59,6×59,6 cm format and is inspired by hydraulic tiles. It is a piece with several compositions and different grey tones which are joined together to go back to the essence of the first hydraulic tiles.

Also, it is worth highlighting the innovative 45×120 cm. format in the Roche collection. A large-scale format which was presented at Cersaie 2016, at the latest edition of the Bologna International Exhibition Fair to fulfil the biggest and most demanding of projects, therefore, favouring joint removal between the tiles.

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