December 5, 2019 | Updated: December 19, 2019


This is the new PORCELANOSA website

The company renews its website with important technological content, aiming to improve our customer experience.

PORCELANOSA’s extensive research into our online followers has allowed us to create an entirely new platform.

The digital transformation of PORCELANOSA Group is constantly developing. Since launching its first website in the mid-1990s, the company has been immersed in a continuous digitalisation process, considering it the foundation of its business strategy. Thinking about future needs, PORCELANOSA goes another step further in its journey with the launch of a new corporate website where emotional intelligence and an open attitude to change are very present.

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The challenge: to adapt to the client’s needs

Digital evolution lies in four basic areas: technologyclient experience, business culture and business objectives. Aside from banking on the latest trends in web design and development, and considering its philosophy and corporate purposes, client experience is the main objective. In the same way we tend to store customers, PORCELANOSA is interested in the needs of our digital audience with the intention of discovering their insights.

The process

If you don’t talk to your customers, how will you know how to talk to your customers? – Will Evans

One of the UX (User Experience) key points, is to get to know the user in order to learn how to communicate with them. For this, PORCELANOSA carried out a Buyer Persona or buyer type defining process, as well as the development of Customer Journeys: each of the stages, interactions, channels and elements that a customer goes through in the purchasing process.


The thorough user research revealed the need for a restyling of the corporate site. It would cover the different questions raised in the analysis stage of client profiles.

PORCELANOSAconducted interviews with more than 1000 professionals and individuals in their process of defining its buyer-person.

The data obtained would be studied, together with the rest of the objectives and requirements of the project:

  • Business goals.
  • Digital marketing goals.
  • Requirements for the integration of the new structure into other platforms belonging to the company.
  • Requirements for web analysis and data collection.

From the combination of all factors, an information architecture was achieved (arrangement and order of the elements contained on a page), which brought the most important points of the strategy together: the context of the company, the present and future content, and the users. 

The new PORCELANOSA Group corporate website

The new PORCELANOSA Group corporate website is now available to clients. A new intuitive and practical site providing information related to the company in a clear and concise format.

The new structure is divided into three groups:

  • Products: information about product categories, collections, formats and available finishes, including the latest series’ launched by the company, such as HighKer and XTone.
  • Trendbook: where finding inspiration, trends and decor ideas is possible.
  • Professional area: with useful info for architects, interior designers and installers, who can give technical and personalised advice during all stages of the project.

A new structure, harbouring key information on a website enhanced with the latest aesthetic trends and the corporate image of the company.

Find out about the new website here.

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