April 11, 2018 | Updated: December 11, 2019


New finishes for the iconic Lounge collection by Simone Micheli: trend-setting bathrooms

 Two new colours join the wall-hung furniture series: Azul Noche and Tortola

Elements such as Noken Porcelanosa Bathrooms make the bathroom take a qualitative leap in terms of aesthetic and functionality.

The iconic Lounge collection, designed by Simone Micheli, adds a new design for the bathroom. It is 120cm wall-hung furniture and a 46cm basin highlighted by its contemporary style and minimalist shapes.

A piece with a rectangular wall-hung unit available in two colours: Azul Noche and Tortola.

It has a large drawer used as functional storage space. In the upper level, there is a large area next to the basin, whose finish offers a pleasant feel. Also, this piece of furniture stands out because it allows for the surface scratches to be repaired in part of its structure through heat being applied on the damaged area.

The recommendation for a perfect bathroom design

The perfect complement for the Lounge bathroom furniture are the taps from the collection. Both the Azul Noche and the Tortola versions are ideally complemented with any of the four taps finishes: chrome, titanium, white gloss and copper. Combinations of straight and rounded corners that act as the hallmark in the collection.

Regarding the furniture, the basin from the same series is highlighted, which is the leading piece in this bathroom design. Its thin edge allows for the basin to be integrated into the set, respecting the balance and harmony of the whole space.

The 120cmx60cm mirror present the same aesthetic lines, the perfect match for this bathroom furniture. The indirect lighting incorporated at the lower and upper levels of the object adds practicality and style to the atmosphere, as well as the strip which decorates the frame.

The whole set acquires a special timeless beauty by being framed by a natural marble wall tile, like the Persian White by L'Antic Colonial.

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