November 23, 2015 | Updated: October 26, 2018


New Faces wall tiles: geometrical naturalness by Ramón Esteve & L’Antic Colonial

Based on geometrical principles, and in a tribute to natural and handcrafted creations, the architect Ramón Esteve extends the Faces collection for L’Antic Colonial by including a new sumptuous series of ceramic wall tiles.

It is an alternative option in interior wall tiles to natural stone, which remains full to the brim of the authenticity and the original philosophy that the Faces collection is characterised by: to honour, by means of its irregular polyhedron-shaped structure and volume, the same mineral creations. The value of these new 3d-ceramic wall tiles lies on the basis that, without compromising a geometrical aesthetics inspired by minerals, it has the properties of the PORCELANOSA Group ceramic materials: quality, high resistance and an easy maintenance and cleaning.

In this new series of ceramic wall tiles from the Faces collection, the architect Ramón Esteve has conceived two subclasses of ceramic models: the Faces H and the Faces S series, according to the models with a hexagonal base or a square one.

Faces H

As far as Faces H is concerned, the new collection consists of eight models with a hexagonal geometrical base and finishes in white, black, silver and gold.

The models in a white or black finish have a matte surface, whereas, the ones in a gold or silver finish can cause reflections, thus, providing the rooms with elegance and uniqueness.

The H4 models, on the other hand, have a faceted base, thus, causing an original texture, whereas the H1 and H2 series, are flat, including in the latter a small inclination with a kind of ‘fish-scale pattern’ effect in the assembly.  All Faces H models have the same following format: 12,9 x 14,9x 0,8 cm.

Faces S

With regard to Faces S, this series consists of ten models with a square geometrical base and finishes in white, black, silver and gold.

The same as in Faces H series, in the Faces S collection the models in a white and black finish have a matte surface, whereas the ones in a silver or gold finish cause reflections. In this case, only the Faces S1 White and the Faces S1 Black turn out to be flat. The rest of the models have a faceted base. All Faces S models have the same following format: 12,5 x 12,5 x 0,8 cm.

These new elegant ceramic wall tiles designed by Ramón Esteve for L’Antic Colonial can be installed as interior wall tiling, even in wet areas such as showers, thanks to their technical features.

The new Faces wall tiles complete the collection created by Ramón Esteve for L’Antic Colonial, whose  bathroom equipment in natural stone have been selected as finalists in the ‘Best of Year Awards 2015” organised by the prestigious New York magazine ‘Interior Design’.

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