November 2, 2015 | Updated: October 26, 2018


New Colours: KRION® Solid Surface displays its colour range to make any project a reality

One of the reasons that explains the KRION®  Solid Surface versatility from the PORCELANOSA Group is the continuous improvement undergone by the qualified R & D technicians from the firm, in the constant pursuit of excellence. They create new colours and increase the properties of this latest generation compact mineral. As well as a solid and reliable with a maximum safety surface, the acrylic stone from KRION® is at the cutting edge of trends, adapting itself perfectly to any architectural or interior design project, however ambitious and however demanding it might be.

This commitment to setting a trend in the design sector made in the last edition of Cersaie, the International Ceramics Fair in Bologna 2015, where KRION® presented its wide colour range with sixteen new colours, extending the Colors, Colors + and Start family series.

Colors, exquisite softness

The Colors series increases its chromatic scale to be an ideal choice in contemporary design. The delicacy and softness characterize this series, which manages to create warm, welcoming  spaces full of light through the use of pastel shades. This new colour collection expands in seven tones, among which there are the Scommetto; Santorini Blue, Moai, Greggio, Senape, Cotto, and the Colosseo Grey.

Colors +, the commitment to serenity

The distinction and serenity of elegant and sophisticated spaces is the premise for governing the Color + range of shades. This series is increased in four colours as timeless as it is modern as well as being inviting: Candy, Atlantic Blue, Dark Grey, and Deep Purple.

Star, the metallic reflections character

The Star series incorporates the new light base colours while maintaining its characteristic metallic reflections. New micro particles have been used to obtain new colours that give tranquility and relaxation as well as stunning light reflections. To the well-known Star series tones; the new Greggio Star, Star Moai, Atlantic Blue Star, Golden Star and the Deep Purple Star are now added.

The new colour range of KRION® compact mineral is capable to bring personality to indoor and outdoor areas, from living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens to the most amazing ventilated facades. Choose the colour that best suits your projects and enjoy its versatility and infinite applications.

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